The Los Angeles County Regional Training Center is now:

The Regional Training Center

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to assist Federal, State, and Local Public Service Agencies, as well as Community disaster preparedness groups with a multitude of services centered on today’s technology. 葡京线路检测中心网址 will make technology, in all forms, readily available and offer support through disasters and emergencies as well as their standard operational processes.

Who Is 葡京线路检测中心网址:
California Multi Agency Support Services (葡京线路检测中心网址), a non-profit organization, was formed to assist Local, State and Federal public services agencies with technical support for investigative purposes, field operations, consulting and technical assistance during emergency situations and more.

葡京线路检测中心网址 is primarily funded through private and corporate donations as well as State and Federal grants. Our main focus is to eliminate the ever-growing red tape and political roadblocks often associated with multi-agency support services and provide whatever technical services that are needed in the shortest amount of time possible.

All too often technology is overlooked, partially because of the way operations have been conducted for the last fifty years, but mainly because of shrinking budgets, over-tasked employees, and the lack of technically skilled personnel. Often, smaller agencies and departments can no longer afford to staff units dedicated to technical investigations, thereby causing them to lose one of the greatest investigative tools available to them.

葡京线路检测中心网址, through its services, will benefit the community and work to “Lessen the Burdens of Government” by raising funding, primarily through Federal and State grants, as well as corporate and private donations. This will allow 葡京线路检测中心网址 to perform a multitude of services such as but not limited to:

I. Technical Assistance / Investigation Consulting
葡京线路检测中心网址 will advise public safety personnel in their investigations by offering instruction on how to utilize the Internet and other technical resources for intelligence gathering. This will give investigators the ability to locate evidence that might not otherwise be available. Ultimately, this will increase convictions, enhance sentencing, and assure that criminals serve all, or a great portion of their prison term. This will help to assure the community that its public service entities are utilizing all the means available to them to complete their investigations.

II. Technical Training
The training function of 葡京线路检测中心网址 will create several levels of classes focused on Internet investigations, cellular tracking, and the use of technical equipment for investigations. These classes will then be taught to public safety investigators to enhance their ability to perform a more thorough investigation.

III. Technical Field Support
葡京线路检测中心网址 will assist public safety personnel and community disaster organizations by providing equipment and services such as but not limited to mobile phones, live TV news feeds, internet connectivity, GPS units, tracking devices, and video/audio playback units.

IV. Mobile Communications / Emergency Communications
As with most other technical equipment, repeaters break down, equipment fails, radios can be out of range, fires can burn down antenna towers, and the list can go on and on. 葡京线路检测中心网址 will supply a mobile communications facility, which will give public service personnel and community group’s greater flexibility with communications invaluable for safety and the ability to control the operation and receive information.

V. Mobile Command Center
Portable command vehicles can offer a multitude of functions such as event briefing rooms; portable dispatch facilities; mobile technical forensic labs; portable communications; and much more. In major natural disasters such as an earthquake or wide spread fires, larger agencies will be utilizing their equipment for situations occurring in their own areas leaving the smaller agencies to fend for themselves. As well as having one large command vehicle, several smaller vehicles, each specializing in a specific function should be utilized to assure that if one vehicle is taken out of commission, the entire operation is not jeopardized. This will also allow for smaller vehicles to be deployed on events that require specific functions such as mobile dispatching, a mobile radio repeater, or mobile technical facility.

VI. Technical Consulting, Services, and Systems
葡京线路检测中心网址 will assist agencies not only with selecting companies to implement their new technical needs, but will work as an agency advocate to assure they get what they truly need. 葡京线路检测中心网址 intends to work with Federal, State, and Local Public Services entities to create new database type systems for information sharing and multi-agency cooperation in investigations.

VII. Community Programs and Services
葡京线路检测中心网址 will assist community entities with special events such as parades, fairs, community demonstrations and more. These events have the same needs for mobile communications and field technical support. 葡京线路检测中心网址 will also create classes to educate community members and parents on the dangers of the Internet, online social networks, chat rooms and forums. 葡京线路检测中心网址 will also focus on training parents how to safely monitor their children’s Internet activity and educate their children on the possible dangers.

California Multi-Agency Support Services
Corporate Offices
Office: (888) 782-4969 x.202
17595 Mount Herrmann Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Los Angeles County Regional Training Center
Office: (888) 782-4969
17595 Mount Herrmann Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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