UAS Basic Pilots Course

For agencies with an established UAS Program

*California POSt certified

December 13-15, 2023 - Fountain Valley, California

FAA Ground school begins November 14, 2023

January 15-17, 2024 - Baltimore, Maryland

FAA Ground school begins December 15, 2023

February 7-9, 2024 - Fairfield, California

FAA Ground school begins January 5, 2024

February 19-21, 2024 - Fountain Valley, California

FAA Ground school begins January 19, 2024

Course Summary

The UAS Basic Pilots Course is 32 hours of instruction designed specifically and ONLY for agencies with an established UAS program, flying missions with protocols, and a comprehensive policy in place. The curriculum focuses on piloting skills and training in UAS safety and general UAS program operations. Training begins online with FAA Part 107 test preparation culminating with an in-class test review and test scheduling assistance.  Each student will receive a minimum of 8 hours of flight training as a member of a UAS deployment team and log at least 3 hours of actual flight time. 

 Students will:

  • Prepare for the FAA UAG 107 test (test fee included in tuition)
  • Explain UAS safety management strategies and safety culture
  • Demonstrate preflight and emergency safety procedures
  • Demonstrate UAV flight setup and pre-flight
  • Demonstrate UAV piloting skills in basic public safety mission-sets
  • Demonstrate UAV piloting skills in a competition course, under stress

The Regional Training Center (The RTC) is not affiliated with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA Remote Pilot Airman Certificate is achieved by passing the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test. PSI Examination Services now controls all FAA Part 107 testing. The RTC staff will facilitate and assist students in scheduling their FAA examination using an RTC-issued coupon code.

Course Information

Course Length: 8 hours online and 3 days in class (32 hours total)
Max Class Size: 20 Students
Equipment: All training equipment is provided by the RTC

Prerequisite: None
Student Requirements: None
Technical Level: Beginner/New UAS Operators

Recommended For: UAS Operators and Supervisors
Notes: Tuition includes $175 FAA 107 testing fee. This course is ONLY for agencies that already have an established UAS program and are flying missions with protocols and a comprehensive policy in place.


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