UAS Managers Course

Understand the scope and process of creating and/or maintaining an effective Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program.

October 2, 2023 - Fountain Valley, California

The Regional Training Center Campus @ Fountain Valley

Course Summary

This life-saving technology provides tremendous opportunities to enhance public safety. However, operating in the dynamic realm of the National Air Space (NAS) can be challenging. Executives and decision-makers must carefully evaluate the implementation of UAS programs from a 360° perspective that analyzes priorities and constraints and considers all current and potential future stakeholders.

The course starts by guiding students to fully realize potential unmanned aircraft applications and how they may specifically fit at their respective agencies. This provides a clearer understanding of the UAS agency objectives so that the efforts that follow directly support the effective implementation of the identified mission sets. Attendees examine current laws and regulations and develop an understanding of preemption concerning federal regulations.

Next, students evaluate the suitability of their operational area for UAS operations by examining political support, airspace, terrain, weather patterns, training requirements, safety management systems, funding sources, and operational time periods. Students develop strategies to address privacy and civil rights issues for implementation before using UAS to minimize fear and misunderstanding.

Performance Objectives:

    • Identify and describe agency mission sets and UAV capabilities
    • Explain specific aircraft characteristics needed
    • Explain how to build stakeholder consensus/involvement
    • Identify key policy elements
    • Understand principal FAA rules and regulations
    • Identify funding options
    • Understand crew resource management concepts

Course Information

Course Length: 1-Day (8 hours)
Max Class Size: 30 Students
Prerequisite: None
Student Requirements: None
Technical Level: Policy and program creation, new & intermediate UAS Operators
Recommended For: Agency Administrators, UAS Operators, and Supervisors


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